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Bal Sanskar Mandal
Baldhun Mandal is held on every Sunday at bhuleshwar temple from 9am to 11am. 

The chief motive of Baldhun Mandal is to serve: 
1.  The God
2.  The Preceptor (Acharya)
3.  The Saint
4.  The Temple
5.  The Parents. (Father and Mother)

The Benefits of children joining Shree Swaminaryan Bal Sanskar Mandal are as follows:
1)  It develops religious impulse in children
2)  Children get free from addictions
3)  Children become respectful towards father, mother and their mentor and can understand value of their services
4)  Regularity, Punctuality are cultivated in the children.
5)  Values like Modesty, Gentleness, Simplicity, Frankness are obtained by the children.
6)  It increases transparency, unity and sympathy in children.
7)  Children take interest in Bhajans , Kirtans and spiritual activities
8)  They stay away from black magic
9)  Children understand the value of discipline in school and college life
10)  Children cultivates the habit of not to harming public property
11)  It cultivates virtues like mercy, non violence, fearlessness in children
12)  The children become habituated to study the Indian culture and truthfulness.
13)  Children becomes habitual to keep speech, thinking and behavior pure.
14)  The children becomes helpful towards country’s patriotism
15)  It stengthens the religious and spiritual nature in the children.

All the haribhakts are requested to come along with their children’s to attain this divine Sabha.
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