Shri Swaminarayan Bal Sanskar Mandal

Shri Swaminarayan Bal Sanskar Mandal (Organization) Mumbai-2 run by Shri Swaminarayan Temple Mumbai, Located at Bhuleshwar holds a congregation every Sunday in the morning from 9:00 am to 11:00 am respectively.

Swaminarayan Bal Sanskar Mandal was established in samvat 2030 in the month of Shravan, on the eight of half moon day on Janmasthami dated 11/08/1974 by his holiness Akshar Niwasi Sadguru Shashtri Shri Chaturbhujdas Swami. After Him, Swami Krushnajiwandasji took to its pilot age.

In the interim, it has been running successfully and will be reaching to the pinch in the short time. It has added 45 years of completion to its credit, on Samvat 2015, in the month of shravan dated 24/08/2019 on Janmasthami. Every year Anniversary celebrations are carried out with great Zeat & enthusiasm in which varied religious, cultural, spiritual games, ethical drama are implemented. The winner of these competitions, the highest attendance holder & topper in studies are felicitalid on this auspicious day. Prize distribution boosts the morale of these children.

Shri Swaminarayan Bal Sanskar Mandal is attended by 150 to 210 children every Sunday. It lays emphasis on imbibing values in them like that of Spiritual, religious and social ethics which leads them to become a good human being first. Present day situation, where the world is drowned in unscrupulousness & children falling prey to mobile networking, at this crucial hour the Bal Sanskar Mandal comes to their resure to emancipate them from these obstades. The ethics laid down by this organisation (Bal Sanskar Mandal) help its registrants to line an ethical and moral life.

Being actively connected with Swaminarayan Bal Sanskar Mandal Mumbai, infuses spiritual, infuses spiritual, religious values along with purity of soul which Continuously houers one to edge off from malice children learn to pay due respect to their and mentors (the guru) and spiritual mentors (shashri) as well. It initiates them to keep purity in their speech, actions and thoughts inculcating to which they do not abuse someone physically and mentally both. It creates an allurement and respect towards temple, its saints as well as stauch belief in saint blessings too. Such children move ahead successfully in life with utmost talent, being of virtous nature, bearing moral character and accomplishing good ahead’s. Always remember, man is known not by his worth but by his values of being down to earth.

Bal Sanskar Mandal’s main objective is to render service towards

  1. God, the Almight
  2. Aacharya (Preceptor)
  3. Saints
  4. Temple
  5. Parents (Father & Mother)

Shri Swaminarayan Bal Sanskar Mandal Promotes various profitable motives like: -

  • Children establish stauch footing in religion.
  • Children become addiction free.
  • Children respect their mother, father & guide & value their services.
  • Children inculcate ilni formity & learn to value time.
  • Modesty, Simplicity, Urbanity & being frank are some values that they learn to cherish.
  • Being pellucid & compassionate towards others.
  • Children take interest in divinity which singing devotional songs.
  • They stay away from black magic.
  • Children maintain the decorum of school & college etiquelles.
  • Children learn not to become spendthrift towards forefather’s property.
  • Children become non-violent, fearless & sympathize as well.
  • Children constantly promote their Indian culture & heritage.
  • It inculates the habit of beeping purity in their speech, thoughts & behavious.
  • It bindles the spirit of patriotism.
  • It makes them religious & spiritual by nature.

It is a humble request to all children to come along with their children to become a part of this divine assembly held on every Sunday.

Jay Shree Swaminarayan