In the Hindu culture Nari (Female) is called as Narayani. There were many Sahajanad Mira’s in Swaminarayan sect who did not care about wordly people & devoted their whole life to God & become one with him.

It is said that if a boy is born than he is a prestige for one family but when a girl child is born than she is prestige to both her own family & her in laws family.

Therefore, every Sunday morning from 9:00 am to 10.30 am in Sahajanad Marg, Swaminarayan Mandir, Buleshwer. Bhakti Balika Mandal is organized.

Shri Bhakti Balika Mandal was established in Savant 2069 Posh Sudh Thrij (3) on 14/01/2013 on Makarsankranti

It is working till date very smoothly. The age limit in the Mandal is 3 to 40 years. In this mandal knowledge along with fun helps us to join our Moksha jiv in Sahajanad Prabhu. Around 100 to 120 girls attend this mandal every Sunday. Various types of activities like Play, Yogasan, Ras Garba, Dabra Mahotsav, Elocation Competition, Bhajan Competition, Antaksari, a religious trip and even exams are taken.

So in the mandal religious, Spiritual, Social life, morality and good Sacraments are inhabited.

A child is country’s precious gem & our future’s hope. And so whatever efforts that we input in Such as education and good sacrament rerley workout.

The habit of inculcating education and good sacrament into the children is going process and we will keep on developing and processing.

Jay Shree Swaminarayan