At Shri Swaminarayan temple, Bhuleshwar going on religious activities, At that place, every Months first Sunday Bruhad Satsangh Sabha are conducted. Time of Bruhad Satsangh Sabha is conducted in morning from 9.00 to 11.00 hrs. in that Mahasabha through prestigious Saints of Swaminarayan sects Literatures of Vachnamrut, Shikshapatri, Bhaktchintamani, Shri Harileelamrut and other sects literatures on that discussion with feeling devotion of these ligatures making allure. In this Mahasabha Small children’s, Youth Elders and Ladies to all Admission is invited. After ending of Bruhad Satsangh Mahasabha all devotees are enjoying the benefit of Mahaprasad.

In this Sabha along with Mahaprasad devotees also having Bhakti, Varagya, Dharma, Atmakalyan also attachment of worldly pleasures, soul welfare knowledge are attached. Its benefit and happiness are getting to all devotees. Apart from this Bruhad Satasangh Mahasabha from that continuously more than 100 months has passed. In time of today human internal any outer type of much difficulties condition has to face from these conditions to come out much benefits are from this Satsangh Mahasabha.

Almighty Shri Swaminarayan and worshippale Saints Dharshan and Blessing benefits are receivable. On coming to this Mahasabha and having Darshan of Parmatma and hearing stories of Parmatmas all Hari devotees having mentally peacefully in their life, we also receive Good culture is our life, We also thing good positivity in our life, Soul knowledge and knowledge regarding religions are increasing, in that mind to be in peace and house hold peace are there Pure thing in joining with Hari Devotees activities of good work soul elements was own progress to be there such facts are received from Bruhud Satsangh Maha Sabha.

Kalpadduramh kalpitmev sute sa kamdhenu kamitmev dogdhi Chintamanichintitmev date satan he sangh saklan prastute

Kalpavruksha imagination is made that Kamdhenu is giving willing articles, Chintamani of which making thinking same is given, but Satsangh is giving everything in our life.

Jay Shree Swaminarayan