Damjibhai belonged to Vaaghora district of Kachchh-Bhuj mudra. In due course, for business purpose he took blessings from great saints and saankhyayogi mothers in Anjaar before migrating to Mumbai. He constantly kept company of saints from early childhood and was painted orange with their good accompaniment.

In Mumbai lived an intelligent and staunch devotee of Shree Hari, called sheth Damjibhai. Despite living in Mumbai, Damjibhai had his firm footing in satsang and continued his orderly worship with utmost sheer. As per the order of Shree Hari he donated virtuously and contributed in yearly Dharmado (religious share). Inspire of horde of riches he kept a stable mind in happiness and pain. His wife’s name was Veer baa, she was also beloved devotee of Shree Hari. But due to pure karma or previous birth actions she didn’t have any children. This added sorrow to her heavy heart which did not allow her to render her pure devotion to god. Being aware of lord Shree Swaminarayan's glory, one day Veer baa set out for a journey to Gadhpur. On reaching, she did darshan of Shree Gopinathji Maharaj and stayed at Gadhpur. That time, in Gadhpur a female congregation was held which Veer baa attended devotedly.

In the congregation, Laadu baa, One of Shree Hari’s female dexiphe was preaching about lord’s glory. At that moment, Veer baa said to Laadu baa, Hey baa! Being called, Sterile, which according to public behavior and scriptures is the most condemn tile word, this what gives me utter sorrow. Therefore, I have come to your refuge to seek blessings with a desire to bear a Son, please bless me, that Son I bear may grow up to be of Spiritual mind that of Ambrish Raja. And after growing he may redress others of their pain like Ratidev & also become successful. This is what I ask from you, please grant me your divine blessings in such accordance.

Hearing to these soulful words of Veer baa Laadu baa said, “My dear Veeru, in Unmat-Ganga there is Ghaat (basin) namely “Lalita” Ghaat which fulfills people’s desires. I insist you to practice Brahmacharya (Celibacy) for one gear hat & the same time bathing in the Ghaat daily. Practice this devotion regularly, chant the Lord Swaminarayan mahamantra along with regular path of Janmangal Stotra. On completion of Ten thousand reitach of their Janmangal Stotra Shree Hari will definitely fulfil your desire and you will bear your desired son.” There upon Veer baa stayed in Gadhpur for a year and with happiness she performed all rituals by said by Laadu baa.

And nearly after a year later, she returned to her home town Mumbai. There upon with blessings of Shree Hari and Laadu baa in the year 1844 (samvat year 1900) she gave birth to her desired son and named him Karamshi Bhai. Presently, the Swaminarayan Temple situated at Bhuleshwar is built by sheth Karamshi.

In satsang sahitya publications, work, Sheth Karamshi along with many great saints has rendered great support. First version of Brahmanand kavya was printed in samvat 1958 (Year 1902) and second version on 1969 (Year 1913). Both of these versions were published by Raav Saheb Karamshi which were printed in a Guajarati Printing press of Mumbai and in return the entire satsang society of Swaminarayan will be obliged to him.

Thereon, Premanand Kavya first version was issued by Iswardas Ichchharam Desai. In this too Karamshi bhai rendered his full support. Due to availability of printing press in Mumbai many religious books were printed with great ease. Karamshi bhai lend out a great helping hand to all saints of sampraday, and in this way he continued his benefaction, immensely.

In Gadhpur Dham disciple of Siddhanand Swami, Swami Ramcharandasji was indulged in construction of Ghela River. Karamshi bhai himself acquired bricks for the same purpose. And all big to small expenses for this purpose were borne by him. In the same context Haribhai poet has expressed this gratitude in his poetic way.

Raag - Garbo Saakhi Swami Ramcharandasji Ra, Kode Karave Kaam, Mudi Mumbai Na shethni re, Aenu Rakhyu Aavichal Naam re, Gheli gangane teere, Kaju kariya kalyan nu kaam re, Gheli Ganga ne teere, Dekho dekho Durgapur dhaam re, Gheli Ganga ne teere…01,

Many years ago, Mumbai was considered to be a foreign land for the people of Saurashtra. Far away from different destination many people came to Mumbai to earn their daily bread. These resulted increase in good number of devotees in Mumbai. In the time of Bhagwat Prasadji Maharaj there was a small Hari Mandir that was built in the years samvat 1924.

In the year Samvat 1879. Shreeji Maharaj entrusted an artist from Durgapur & all together purchased 26 idols from him. This dual idol of Radhakrishna (named as Radha-Goulokvihari Maharaj) was offered by Shree Hari in this temple. Due to increasing number of devotees in this temple, the space began to fall short. With this issue devotees started praying deep with their hearts and everyone wished for a bigger temple area to be constructed in order to increase the size of the temple. After long discussion within devotees, they couldn’t come to a common decision.

In the year 1951 Aacharya Shree Viharilalji Maharaj pleaded to Swami Balmukundasji (Disciple of Gunatitanand Swami) that there had raised an issue regarding Mumbai temple location, and he was the person who can take right decision. It was the time of chaturmaas month. Balmukund Swami always spoke on terms of unity & worship of Lord Swaminarayan. In due course more than his religious discoursed devotees were mooned by his sainthood behavior and living which made a deep impact on them. The devotees pleaded to swami that “Swamiji, with regards to of Temple's location, we will firmly back your sole decision, and the decision taken by yourself will be the best one for us”

Presently where the Mumbai temple is situated, is the location chosen by him. Rupees 1lakh 71 thousand were needed to purchase the given land. Swamiji asked all devotees to land out their helping hand as per their faith towards lord and for this religious cause.” After which each devotee contributed to his/her capacity and kept money before Thakorji (Lord). And in this collection, the biggest share was of Karamshi bhai. Most appealing about this whole collection was that exactly 1lakh 71 thousand were collected, not one penny more non one penny less, which was not less then a miracle for the devotees.


After completing the editing of Bhuleshwar temple swami returned to Vadtal Balmukundasji swami met Aacharya Shree Viharilalji Maharaj and briefed him about Mumbai temple affairs. Viharilalji Maharaj was very pleased with Swamiji. He laughed a little and said in a quite sense that Swami many saints have been to Mumbai but most them returned back with health issues, but on the other hand you have returned without any health issues and I am very elated to see that.”

Swamiji too replied with an impeccable response saying, “Bapji when I decided to go to Mumbai, I had made up my mind and warned myself not to eat sweet & oily food, that’s how I stayed healthy by body. I strictly adhered to Shree Hari’s Panch-Vartmaan obligations that is how I Stayed in fine fettle even by mind.” Listening the answer of Swamiji, Viharilalji Maharaj was very pleased on him.


With Swami Balmukundasji’s inspiration Mumbai Bhuleshwar temple location was acquired. A beautiful temple with their pinnacle’s idol of Lord Shree Swaminarayan and Laxmi-Narayan Dev were also ready. In the year samvat 1959 of Hindu Vaishakh month and on the 12th bright half-moon day, it was time for placing of the sacred idol of lord. But the decision of which idol to be placed in the middle shine was surrounded by a dispute. The old temple had idols of Shree Goulokvihari & Radhikaji.

During that time these idols were installed by devotee Ranchhod Das, therefore. Ranchhod Dasji was insisting to install. Same idols in the middle shrine.

A unanimous decision of most of the devotees was to install idols of Goulokvihari Maharaj in the shrine besides the middle one. (Either left or right) and bigger idols to be installed in middle shrine but Ranchhod Das was adamant on his decision. This issue reached to its highest pinnacle in form of a dispute.

And due to this Ranchhod Das filed a suit against temple’s main functionary sheth Karamshi. The destined day and time of idol installation was heading nearby but dispute was not coming to end. Everyone was saddened deeply. In most cases, such petty issues lane no relation with religious matters. Such disputes arise due to ego. Such disputes today have become most happening issues around the world.

In such cases, external factors play a big role and prevent people’s mind by distracting them from their main objective which results in ruining the issue.

Devotees of Mumbai felt that now it is time that again Balmukund Dasji should come in to picture and play his part. At the end Gordhan Seth & Aacharya Shree Laxmi Prasadji Maharaj pleaded Swami to go to Mumbai. Swami scheduled trip to Mumbai & cleared all doubts of Ranchhod Das and explained him. Listening to a majesty man like Swamiji Balmukund Dasji, Ranchhod Das gave up his ego & withdrew his case from court.

Again, Swamiji nailed it hard and proven to be boon for us Mumbaikars. Rai Bahadur Seth Karamshi was a Yog-Bhrasta man who has left his body much before salvation he was loyal towards both the Gaadi of sampraday Ahmadabad and Vadtal. Karamshi bhai had kind intelligence with sadguru Balmukund Dasji, and with this the dispute of Mumbai’s middle shrine was resorted, and all the expenses of this court were borne by Seth Karamshi bhai himself. In Those days the estimated expenditure came to around one thousand. Sadguru Balmukund Dasji Swami said, “Seth will you bear all these expenditures of the court?” And then Karamshi bhai stated in a very affirmative tone saying” Swami, if my son was getting married his wedding place expenditure. I would solely be bearing it, then this wedding place expenditure is of my almighty himself. Why would I turn back in this if I render my service its natural, nothing astonishing about it” Listening to words of sheth Karamshi, Swami was happy and blessed him from the core of his heart.

Mumbai idol installation festival was held on samvat 1959 Hindu month of Vaishakh-sud 12th of half-moon day which was a Friday by His highness of Aacharya Shree Laxmi Prasadji Maharaj. It was celebrated with huge pomp & aura. After the Installation ceremony the entire stay expenditure of Shree Aacharya Maharaj, all saints and councilor were again borne by sheth Karamshi bhai. Even saint Balmukund Dasji & his Sant Mandal travelling to Junagadh, expense was given by him and there after too he continued to render his services ceaselessly & generously.

Heera Bhagat & Jogi Dharamswarup Dasji Swami Said that, during this idol installation ceremony Of Mumbai, Laxmi Prasadji Maharaj gave Bhagwati deeksha (Initiation in divinity) to 60 desirous souls and made them Saints of Swaminarayan sampraday.

Amongst them Jogi Dharamswarup Dasji Swami’s guru being the youngest were called by a unique name, Batu Swami, and thereupon lifelong he was called as Batu Swami, by all.

caaoivaSaa maaih mauMba{ Qaa# | qayau iSaKar ivanaa Qaama saa# || sauid WadSaI vaOSaaKamaasaI | rivavaarI BalaI itaqaI BaasaI || 66 || AacaarJ Bagavadpa`saad | taoNao JovaI rItao vaod vaad || sqaapaI maUita-Aao JnasauKakarI | hirkRYNa gaaOlaaokivaharI || 67 || taotaao raQaanao raiQakapaita | Ciba EaIPpa`saaidnaI hita | hita ga@paUr tyaaqaI maMgaavaI | pa`Itao mauMba{maaM paQaravaI || 68 || hirlaIlaamaRta kaLaSa : 10 ivaEaama : 16